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Solar pump specialist SINES is classified as an equipment supplier, leader on the African continent. With a unique expertise, SINES provides efficient and reliable solutions at the best prices.
Uncompromising quality of the materials distributed, and eager to enroll our services in the long term, we have chosen to work exclusively with solar leading brands.

Our products

1800 products are available on our online catalog SINES.PRO
Professionals, find every solar equipments as you need for your installations and varied projects. As for 1, 10 or 100 pieces, if you want our products : we offer your the possibility to order and be delivered where you want. We collabor with reliable partners, able to assure exportations through the world in a promptly way.

Submersible pumps

The pumps are installed in boreholes or wells, submerged below the water level. Discover Grundfos SP pumps.

Surface pumps

Pumps supplied for pressurised irrigation systems are perfect for sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation.

Submersible solar pumps

A reliable water supply with solar energy. We can provide submersible pump like Grundfos Sqflex, Lorentz, Aquatec etc.

Surface solar pumps

Our solar surface pumps provide the perfect sustainable, reliable and cost efficient alternative to irregular water supply solutions in remote locations

Solar pump inverters

Converting the DC power output from the solar panel to AC power supply for pump operation. We provide Grundfos RSI, Altivar 312 and ABB ACS355.

Pump accessories

Accessories and spare parts. To install your pump easilly, we provide accessories like solar cables, MC4, electrical terminals.

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Our references

SINES provide adapted solutions to every solar pumping application. We have all the powerfullness of SINES group to provide a great solution to meet perfectly your needs. To help you through your project, we offer studies, solar sizing, project management, supervision, professional system engineering, single component delivery or delivery of tailored packages.

  • Solar pumping
Grundfos SQFlex 3A-10, Grundfos CU200
  • Solar pumping
Grundfos SQFlex 3A-10, Grundfos CU200



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